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Arc lariks met LazyRezt Denim.

€ 395,00
This beautiful 'Lazyretz' XL set consists of a hammock seat and a wooden chair stand made from Larch wood. This set is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The 'Lazyrezt' chair is extremely comfortable and is available in different colours and designs. This set includes the hanging seat in its own contemporary 'Denim' design.
The hammock chair is made from 100% cotton. The set will be delivered with 2 matching cushions. The hanging chair stand 'Arc' is made from European Larch wood. Larch wood has a great advantage over other woods, it is all-weather proof and is even used for boat making. We do advise to yearly treat the stands with oil for protection. This set has a carry capacity of up to 130kg.
Meer informatie
Land van HerkomstEl Salvador
Garantie3 jaar
Minimale ophanghoogteNvt
Totale lengteNvt
Materiaal100% Katoen
Draagkracht160 kg
Lengte doek170 cm
Breedte150 cm
Minimale ophangafstandNvt
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